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Welcome! This is small team that keeps the engine of this health & fitness website churning along.  Therefore this small but useful website was compiled with the aim to arm our readers with useful and sensible information on losing weight and losing the belly fat for good.

We scour the internet for great blog posts on fitness and weight loss every month to equip you (and your family) to shape up and improve your overall happiness.  The important thing here is to take action, and NO IFs.

fitnessweightlossplan.org is loaded with handy and quality ideas and tips on fitness, exercises, healthy nutrition, killer ab workouts and lifestyle changes to improve your health and wellness.

Please note – the information on this website is of general nature and does not substitute for medical advice or any kind of professional opinion. As always before you endeavour on a health and fitness journey please consult a medical professional.

All the best!

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