Simple Losing Weight Tips on How to Get Lean in 1 Month

Here are eight simple tips to losing weight and getting lean in one month … and keeping it off!

Tip 1

Ration control; you have to control the amount of food you take in per day. Let’s say you usually overeat and consume about 2000 calories per day from intake of solid food, reducing this number by 25% is a nice strategy for maintaining a healthy diet; consume only about 500 calories per day. The idea here is to simply cut your intake; consume less, it’s no brainer strategy.

Tip 2

Eating a beef once in a while is no big deal, the idea is to always eat fresh, tasty and healthy food. A Big Mac, for instance, has about 563 calories in it while a grilled Sirloin steak has only 324 calories, notice the difference? Change your diet; swipe your crisps for veggies once in a while and watch it become a habit. It might be hard the first time, but persistence is what keeps you going. When you follow this step, you’ll add fiber and health while losing hundreds of calories per day.

Tip 3

Exercise Exercise Exercise! This is another strategy you must abide with. You have to make yourself more active, get your metabolism going; do some running in the morning, push and pull ups, play some soccer and I’m not talking about video games, go for a swim, do some hiking and so many other stuff. Hit the gym from time to time, use it and burn about 300 calories per session.

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Tip 4

Get rid of carbonated drinks. Water contains zero calories but drinks like 600ml Coke has about 258 calories in it, bet you didn’t know that. There really isn’t much to say here, you just have to dispose of those fizzy drinks and build some regular water intake.

Tip 5

Let’s face facts with regards to your diet; you consume mostly pastries, burgers and heavy shakes, energy drinks, a collection of biscuits in your office drawer, chocolates at night, cigarette smoking, adding Nutella to basically everything you eat, always sitting at a spot facing the screen of your computer. “yes, I’d like some fries to go with that.”

Yes, these processed junk foods are quick and more sweet to consume, but you have to gradually cut down on these crappy foods. Truthfully, you are killing yourself!

Take healthier meals. You’re a grown up now and you have to make better and healthier decisions about your diet. Take this step seriously and watch yourself lose 400 calories every day.

Tip 6

Take less Alcohol, this means avoiding the Bars in the evening. A bottle of wine or two every night is not a good road to a proper healthy diet. Regardless what you like more; beer, wine or whiskey, any of these three drink per night give you an additional 375 calories.

It might be really hard the first time, so a good way to start is by gradually lowering your intake to one drink per night and save yourself 250 calories.

Tip 7

Develop a proper sleeping habit, and I’m not talking about a 15 minute nap. A good rest is vital for metabolism as well as mind, heart, weight, hormones, stress relief and energy, so this makes it as significant as veggies and exercise.

Don’t always over stress yourself, get some rest, it’s good for weight loss and body maintenance.

Tip 8

Take full responsibility of your calorie intake. Take a good look at your body, as your body is a clear indication of your general state of health. It is the outcome of some decisions you made, and will make in the kitchen and the gym too. Remember this – “my weight is my choice.” Take charge, start now and stop procrastinating.

The above tips are the keys to a healthier lifestyle. So why not take the leap and aim to cross off one aim on a daily or weekly basis. While you’re at it, start a health and fitness daily journal countdown to keep on track to your fitness and weight loss goals!